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ESL Print Materials

ESL Math Materials

These Math Materials include math vocabulary exercises grouped by basic math questions, algebra, and geometry and were created for the web by Charles LaRue with the support of Literacy Minnesota. They also include Math Chants(choral exercises) and math vocabulary games.

Adult Phonics Stories - Story-by-Story Phonics Lessons

These stories are part of a contextual phonics program created by Marn Frank M.Ed. with the support of LDA of Minnesota adapted for the web by Charles LaRue with the support of Literacy Minnesota.

Health Literacy Activities - Nutrition, Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure

These interactive health literacy exercises provide practice in three areas: understanding food and reading a nutrition label, understanding basic information about diabetes, and basic information about high blood pressure. They have introductions that can be heard online or read in printed form in English, Arabic, Hmong, Somali, and Spanish.

LaRue Environmental ESL Exercises

These interactive exercises explain what happens to the garbage we throw away. They give examples of how to reduce, reuse, and recycle. They also explain household hazardous waste and how to read product labels and dispose of waste properly. The explanations are in English, Hmong, Arabic, and Somali and can be heard online or read in printed form. The exercises are all in English and can be done online or printed out and written.

Classroom Material

These grammar and listening dictation materials were created by Charles LaRue for use in ESL classrooms they are grammar-based and feature cooperative educational exercises.

Basic Literacy Skills

These interactive literacy exercises provide practice in four different skill areas: writing a check, filling out a timesheet, filling out a basic form, and reading a simple map.

 LaRue Reading Skills Assessment

The LaRue Reading Skills Assessment for Preliterate Students was developed by Charles LaRue to meet a need for testing students who have very limited English literacy skills and cannot read and write in their native language. It was created to show which literacy skills and knowledge preliterate ESL students have and don’t have.