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The LaRue Reading Skills Test

  • Reading Skills Test for Pre-Literate Students

    The Reading Skills Test for Preliterate Students was developed by Charles LaRue to meet a need for testing students who have very limited English literacy skills, and cannot read and write in their own language. It was created to show which literacy skills and knowledge pre-literate ESL students have.

  • Alphabet and Number Flash Card Exercises

    The exercises take the student through learning the alphabet in a variety of fonts, and the numbers from 1 to 100.

  • Word and Number Bingo Exercises

    These sets of Bingo cards reinforce the student's knowledge of the letters of the alphabet, cardinal numbers, ordinal numbers, times and prices.

  • Calendar Exercises

    The exercises teach students the days of week, months of the years and how to read a calendar and eventually how to create a calendar from words and number flash cards.

  • Phonics Exercises

    These exercises provide a way to teach students the sounds of the letters and basic sound rules, like short and long vowels.

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